Win prizes and earn a bike this summer

Every two weeks, we’ll set a new challenge for you to complete with or without a bike. If you complete five challenges, you could earn a bike. We’ll also do a prize draw for a £20 Amazon voucher for each challenge.

Challenge #1: Give us a tour of your favourite local place to walk or cycle to.

  1. Select your favourite place
  2. Tell us about this place by taking four photos OR a 30-second video OR a 1-minute audio recording. Why is it your favourite place? What do you love about it?
  3. Send these into or post on Instagram, tagging @yourbikeproject by Monday 29th June.
  4. In order to be eligible to earn a bike or win a prize, complete the form below.


Get help from the team

Got a mechanic issue you need help with? Want to make adjustments to your bike? Book a call with two of our session leaders who’ll be able to help you out. To book a call, contact and please ask your parent / carer to complete our membership form.

Tips and tricks

Check out Your Bike Project session leader Stefan demonstrating a track stand trick. Can you have a go?

Make sure your bike is ready for the road by following Esme’s guide to the ABCD safety check.