Your Bike Project @ Croydon Block, Broadwater Farm, Saturdays 1pm – 5pm

Set up

Collect keys:

  1. Lordship Hub (in top drawer of filing cabinet in office)

    1. Cargo Bike & Balance Bikes – in Wheely Tots folder

    2. Blue Shipping Container (for bikes to borrow) – in Cycle Confident OR WT folder

  2. Drying Room key – request from Corydon Block concierge

Set up outside Croydon Block (locate in most sheltered spot)

  • Bike stand (in Drying Room)

  • Pump (in Drying Room)

  • Bike(s) (in Drying Room)

  • Toolbox (can use as chair) (in Drying Room)

  • Food (delivered by Felix Project to Concierge on Friday in crates)

Session content

Take photos and voice recordings (share with DP by email/WhatsApp)

Set up bike on bike stand, place food crates nearby

First hour – sharing food, talking to attendees about what they want to do, complete Quiz and Membership Forms/parental consent

NB. access to toilet via concierge for hand washing before food prep/distribution

Session activity to be led by requirements of attendees – mending, fitting, planning, riding etc. Encourage attendees to get involved and help each other, do not do everything for them.

If parts need to be ordered, add to session report form so DP can order for following week’s session

End of session

Return items to Drying Room and return key to Concierge

Return bikes to Blue Shipping Container and cargo & balance bikes to Lordship Rec

Return keys to Hub office

Complete Session Report Form

Wet weather plan

Wear warm and waterproof clothing to be outdoors for whole session

Possibility to be indoors, avoid if possible as less visible

Age of attendees

Target age is 11-18 years (need parental consent)

Younger children can attend but need to be accompanied

Online Forms

Membership Form (to be completed by parent):

Quiz (to be completed by young people)

Session Leader Feedback Form

Hard copy forms (to print more if needed) 

Parental Consent (hard copies):

Risk Assessments

Risk Assessment