Joining In: Young People

Are you interested in bikes and 11-18 years old?
Do you live on, or near The Farm or Northumberland Park?

New Riders

If you’ve never ridden a bike, you can drop in to a session and give it a go! We can supply you and your friends a bike, or bring your own. Equally if you’ve ridden a bit, but would like to gain confidence, learn tricks or how to cycle well on the road – get in touch!


If you like to tinker with bikes and want to become a qualified mechanic, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us with a little information about yourself and your experience mending bikes. If you don’t have experience yet, we can give you some!

Inclusive Leaders

If you love bikes, love coming up with ideas, and love bringing people together in a fun, inclusive way, we want to hear from you! Become a project leader and learn to set up and run your very own bike club or cycle event. Contact us!

Cycle Trainers

Imagine sharing your passion for riding bikes by becoming a certified cycle trainer! If you’d like to give back to your community and teach your neighbour, cousin or friend to ride a bike confidently, then contact us.

Photographers + Videographers

Maybe you have a creative talent in social media! And like making videos or taking photographs? We have so much time for young people who want to get the word out about these bike projects. Just contact us with some information about yourself.

Website + poster designers

Whether you know a lot, or a little, doesn’t matter. If you want to design our posters or create our website pages for us, we would love to hear from you! We can teach you new skills and you can show us what you know.

Joining in: Adults

Are you a local community member keen to volunteer?

Project Friends

We welcome local people to chip in and get involved! We believe everyone has a gift to be shared. Maybe you’re an amazing cook and want to make our young people a meal, in exchange they can fix your bike or teach you how to ride confidently. Just contact us!

Project Guides

We’re open to connecting with local bike enthusiasts. If you have some bike knowledge, be it local routes, mechanics, bicycle decorating or tricks, we would love to hear from you. Simply contact us!

Donate Your Unused Bikes

We fix unwanted bikes and give them good homes

If you’d like to donate unused bikes to the project, please get in touch through our contact form.

For us to take a bike, the frame must be free of damage, with two wheels and all the parts. This way our young people can make good use of them! They’ll learn how to mend the bike themselves and then either gift it to a community member in need, or use it to teach their peers.

We arrange a convenient time and place for you to drop the bikes off, or happily come and collect them from you.

Find More Local Bike Projects

Our map brings together all the good local bike things

There are an abundance of free, or donation based cycling projects happening in your area! From BMX Clubs to mechanics classes, we’ve mapped them all for you. Simply click here, or the image below to find out more and how to attend.

Bike Map